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IXIInternational X.25 Interconnect
IXIInnovative Exchange, Inc. (Maryland)
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IXI Technology is based in Yorba Linda, California and has been serving the US government and its agencies for over 30 years as a mission-critical supplier of embedded systems and software.
For over 20 years, IXI Services' household-level consumer financial capacity estimates have allowed financial institutions to optimise omni-channel marketing efforts, maximize sales opportunities, and help build more profitable business relationship with consumers.
In a joint PowerPoint presentation entitled "Enhancing Your Marketing Effectiveness and Decisions with Non-Regulated Data," Equifax IXI and FICO presenters explain that such scoring products "[c]annot be used as: [a] factor in establishing or determining an individual's eligibility for personal credit, insurance, or employment.
Asumirnos en un mundo ch ixi cobra asi una pertinencia politica de suma actualidad en toda America Latina.
Generalmente el hombre cuando ve la situacion muy negativa tiende a irse y a dejar la mujer sola para que asuma la responsabilidad' Ixi (40), jefa de hogar desempleada, separada, de Liberia.
with which IXI did business, also underwent joint searches the same day by investigative teams from the Osaka District Public Prosecutors Office and the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission.
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Rooted in the satire of the Grecolatin Antiguity, the panoramic pint of view is a typical convention of the literary, artistic and scientific discourses of the first hall of IXI century Europe.
IXI Mobile has debuted a combined solution for multimedia mobile handsets using Texas Instruments Incorporated's (TI's) OMAP platform and EDGE chipset with the IXI OS.
In the one episode which has kept his name alive, he was savaged by Byron in The Vision of Judgement (1822), a devastating satire of his fawning apotheosis of the newly-dead George IXI, A Vision of Judgement (1821).
e-SIM (NASDAQ:ESIM), and IXI Mobile have entered into a strategic partnership.
In The Top Grossing Film of All Time, IXI, 2001, Salavon created a program to reduce each frame from the 1997 film Titanic to its predominant color, then shrink the results into tiny rectangles and arrange them in chronological order in hundreds of rows.