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IJKInternacia Junulara Kongreso (Esperanto: International Youth Congress of Esperanto)
IJKInternational Jewellery Kobe (Japan; jewelers' trade show)
IJKIzhevsk, Russia (Airport Code)
IJKI'm Just Kidding
IJKI Just Know
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Izhavia is an airline based in Izhevsk, Russia. It is the national airline of the Udmurt Republic of Russia, which operates domestic charter and scheduled passenger services.
Author affiliations: Izhevsk State Medical Academy, Izhevsk, Russia (D.S.
The disperser of suspension was a rotary homogenizer: Silverson L4RT grinding system and high-speed bead mill developed by "Novyy Dom", Ltd (Izhevsk, Russia) (Pudov 2013).
Izhevsk, Russia, July 06, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The opening ceremony was attended by Uniastrum customers, partners and staff.
Doctors in Izhevsk, Russia, assumed the mass visible on his chest x-ray was a tumor--but when Dr.
Doctors in Izhevsk, Russia, assumed that the mass visible on his chest x-ray was a tumor--but biopsy found a 2-inch-long fir tree instead of cancer, according to reports from Komsomolskaya Pravda.
* The KBP Shipunov research center (Tula, Russia) and the Izhevski Electromechanical Plant Kupol (Izhevsk, Russia) announced that a modernized Tunguska M1 system has successfully completed state trials, The Tunguska M1 is a modernized version of 2K22 Tunguska system.
On this day my weakness had brought me and two others half-way around the world to a small shooting range in Izhevsk, Russia. Our desire?
89102; phone: 888-539-2220; fax: 702-643-8860; website: www.Arsenalinc.com), who with the approval and cooperation of the Interregional Public Fund, which among its many activities manages the Kalashnikov Museum in Izhevsk, Russia, was about to embark upon a most unique endeavor.
Deryabina, 3, Izhevsk, Russia phone: 7-(3412)-495-991, 609-596; fax 7-(3412)-609-099; e-mail: gunlegion@udm.net: website: www.exclusivegun.ru.