J-1Exchange Visitor Visa
J-1manpower and personnel directorate of a joint staff (US DoD)
J-1manpower and personnel staff section (US DoD)
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More than 150,000 Irish students have availed of the J-1 option to visit the US in the past 50 years.
Kevin Donoghue, President of the Union of Students, said: "The J-1 is a huge part of the academic experience for a lot of people and most Irish students contribute well to American society while over there.
Four federal agencies launched investigations into the exploitation of J-1 student workers at the Hershey's plant, and nearly 70,000 Americans signed a petition in support of the students' demands: 1) return the $3,000-6,000 students paid for false promises of a cultural exchange, and 2) turn the 400 jobs they filled in the Hershey's packing plant into living wage jobs for local workers.
The use of J-1 visa waivers remains a major means of providing physicians to practice in underserved areas of the United States.
is the remarketing agent for the subseries J-1 bonds; and Merrill Lynch, Fenner, Pierce & Smith Incorporated is the remarketing agent for the subseries J-2 bonds.
They will host an orientation for students planning to spend a summer working or travelling in the States on a student J-1 Visa.
The subseries J-1 bonds will mature June 1, 2008-2032.
As a community of camp professionals dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults through the camp experience, ACA is compelled to address the issue of cultural exchange, specifically, the J-1 International Camp Counselors Visa Program.
The "AA" rating on the class J-1 certificates reflect credit loss protection provided by the subordination of the 0.
As most of you know, new regulations governing the J-1 program for camp counselors were published in March of 1993 that limited participants in the program to two visits in their lifetime.
The little-known J-1 visa offers companies an opportunity to have foreign students or professionals for short term assignments, giving American business and employees a chance to learn about the business practices of other countries and cultures during an 18-month time period.