J-2intelligence directorate of a joint staff (US DoD)
J-2intelligence staff section (US DoD)
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Credit enhancement for the "A" class J-2 certificates is provided by the 0.
is the remarketing agent for the subseries J-1 bonds; and Merrill Lynch, Fenner, Pierce & Smith Incorporated is the remarketing agent for the subseries J-2 bonds.
The subseries J-1 bonds initially bear interest in the daily rate mode; and the subseries J-2 bonds initially bear interest in the weekly rate mode.
The city's redevelopment agency is buying and demolishing apartment buildings along Avenues J-2 and J-3, where for years there have been problems with drugs and gangs.
Newhouse was found lying on the parkway in front of one of a row of apartment buildings on Avenue J-2.
Interest shortfalls due to recoveries started in December 2002 were expected to affect classes G, H and J-2 for approximately one year.
Fitch also assumed an additional $6 million in losses attributed to these loans, which would cause a complete loss to class J-2 and partial loss to class H.
Apartments along Avenues J-2 and J-3 were among the first targeted after the city imposed a new fee on landlords in December 2003 to pay for more deputies to concentrate on rental housing.
Deputies said the man was seen near an apartment complex on Avenue J-2 just after 5 p.
The Avenue J-2 site had served as a post office until it was replaced in June by a new $2.
The new post office will cover about 11,500 square feet, more than twice the 5,100 square feet devoted to customer space at the J-2 post office.
Postal Service plans to establish a new Lancaster post office, providing relief for patrons faced with traffic congestion at the post office at Avenue J-2 and 10th Street West, officials said Wednesday.