J-4Logistics Directorate of a Joint Staff (US DoD)
J-4Logistics Staff Section (US DoD)
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The J-4 Directorate consists of eleven divisions with approximately I 50 personnel on the staff.
Another example of a J group student (J-4) similarly represents the mixture of two styles.
However, she keeps her speech style formal in contrast to J-3 and J-4's mixed style.
"The hope is that once we reach 85 percent of authorized strength equipped with shoot, move, and communicate items, we can start moving into a sustainment mode," said Captain Susan Kane, J-4's officer in charge of distribution.
British Lieutenant Colonel William Mead, the deputy J-4, is encouraged by the successes he has seen in the 6 months he has served with MNSTC-1, especially by how the Iraqi staff officers have integrated into the command's J-4 and the Taji CIF.
Chambers, Commanding General, Sustainment Center of Excellence and Fort Lee, Fort Lee, Virginia, to Director for Logistics, J-4, US Central Command, MacDill AFB, Florida.
In June 2003, Vice Admiral Keith Lippert, the Director of DLA, made the decision to stand up the new J-4 organization to "align the agency's customer support strategies with the warfighter." The J-4 vision is to ensure that customers' voices are heard and that DLA acts as an advocate for the Army and the other services, not just as a manager of transactions.
Mortensen is currently serving as the director for logistics, J-4, U.S.
The Logistics Directorate, J-4, under the leadership of Lt Gen Duncan J.
Mark Scheid, who most recently served as Chief, Plans Division, J-4, U.S.
Dowd is currently serving as director, Logistics, Engineering and Security Assistance, J-4, U.
The Logistics Strategy, Assessments and Readiness Division establishes, manages, and integrates the J-4 efforts to conduct logistics readiness, requirements and capability assessments.