J-6Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems Directorate of a Joint Staff (US DoD)
J-6Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems Staff Section (US DoD)
J-6Command, Control & Communications Systems Directorate (Joint Staff)
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The J-6's mission was to support the 150-member HICON JTF staff with joint command-and-control communications, voice, data help-desk and ongoing command, control, communications and computers real-world missions.
The J-6 support team's vanguard of six arrived at Pacifica early to install initial communications for the HICON J-staff.
The rest of the J-6 support team, which arrived at later dates in October, consisted of 12 more people from the Army and Air National Guard, making the WFX a true joint endeavor for the J-6.
"Information management was so critical to the warfighter that it was the HICON JTF J-6's responsibility to keep communications and automated services operational," Donahue said.
Donahue remarked that the J-6 staff's success was due to its "purple-ish (joint) mix."