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J-BARJewelers Board of Appraisal Review
J-BARJet Runway Barrier
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They rebranded J-Bar as Southern Environmental and got their business certified by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to handle Class 1 nonhazardous industrial waste as another level of specialization and service to offer their customers.
This represents the first time that we've ever offered a hard cider at the J-Bar.
I will have to raise my board about $100 per horse per month; a lot of people will have to sell their horses," said J-Bar and Peacock stables owner Royan Herman.
Flames came within 40 feet of 80 horses boarded at the Thompsons' J-Bar Ranch in the 11200 block of Dominica Avenue.
2--Color) (Ran in Simi Edition only) Ralph Hays, 85, and his horse J-Bar take a picnic break.
Fitch does not rate the following classes: G, H-SSB, H-DEN, H-BAR, H-SWA, J-SSB, J-DEN, J-BAR, J-SWA, K-SSB, L-CSM, L-DAL, and L-TFB.