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The placement of the cranes, the J-Lay tower and other installation equipment, as well as the structural quality of the hull and thrusters, are well suited for the Arctic.
Next steps--to be executed this summer--will be the order of long-lead-time items, such as the cranes and J-lay tower.
The mammoth J-Lay tower, which was built on the Tees, is bigger than the Tyne Bridge.
By utilizing successfully tested technology and allowing room for improvement and research development, Saipem has produced the largest J-Lay tower in the offshore industry and has combined it with a fully upgraded DP vessel.
Weighing in excess of 6,000 metric tons, the J-Lay tower incorporates three conventional track-type tensioners, two working stations and a friction clamp system as well as an abandonment and recovery station.
The tower is connected to an A-frame positioned on the upper deck by means of an adjuster system, which locates the 130-meter long J-Lay tower between 90 and 115 degrees and locks the tower in position at a 90-degree angle for the transit and/or survival mode.
CHALLENGE: Manager Toby Bailey MONUMENTAL: Massive J-Lay Tower ready to ship out, above and right
IHC Engineering Business Ltd (EB) is preparing for delivery of a J-Lay tower for oil and gas installation contractor Saipem.
This month the J-Lay tower for Saipem will leave its manufacturing location on Teesside for the Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) shipyard in Korea where it will be installed on a newly built pipelay vessel.
BIG DEAL The J-Lay Tower, under construction for Saipem
A 64m high state-of-the-art J-Lay tower is being produced for Saipem to be installed on a new vessel for the oil and gas giant, which will lay large pipes in deep water.
It entails building a 2,000-tonne J-Lay tower to lay pipelines in deep water.