J-MASSJoint Modeling And Simulation System
J-MASSJoint Mobility Analysis Support System
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Meanwhile, MacAir received an EMD contract in July for production of J-MASS software.
The J-MASS program office coordinates the development of the standard architecture and modeling system in response to triservice requirements.
First, J-MASS is a modeling system designed to support engineers, model developers, analysts and decision makers.
J-MASS supports models with an object-based design coded in the DOD-standard Ada software language.
One of the key parts of J-MASS design is the Software Structural Model (SSM).
3) All science and technology intelligence centers are implementing J-MASS. Future intelligence products will provide J-MASS-compliant digital models of threats.
4) Industry is signing up in large numbers to become J-MASS beta sites (authorized users of J-MASS).
Two of the technological cornerstones that will act as catalysts in this movement are the J-MASS and the DIS.
Now, getting back to the question at hand, is the technology available today to build something like J-MASS? I think it is, but it will not be done overnight and it will not be cheap.
Care must be taken in the evolution os systems like J-MASS to ensure that they can accommodate the rapidly expanding computer processing technology as it evolves over the next decade.
I believe we can develop a system like J-MASS. We may not even have a choice if we hope to avoid the pitfalls of the past.
Should we proceed with J-MASS? Yes, with posthaste; however, we should recognize that it may cost on the order of $100 million during the next decade to do the job right.