J-MASSJoint Modeling And Simulation System
J-MASSJoint Mobility Analysis Support System
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First, J-MASS is a modeling system designed to support engineers, model developers, analysts and decision makers.
Standards are specified wherever possible, enabling J-MASS software to interface with other standard software.
One of the key parts of J-MASS design is the Software Structural Model (SSM).
The J-MASS code generator will be used to transform the algorithms into actual Ada code compliant with the J-MASS software structural model.
One of the benefits of J-MASS will be to allow engineers without extensive software backgrounds to construct detailed models using a concept called "visual programming.
Because models developed under J-MASS have software components that are designed to consistent standards, they can be reused in many new model designs.
4) Industry is signing up in large numbers to become J-MASS beta sites (authorized users of J-MASS).
Two of the technological cornerstones that will act as catalysts in this movement are the J-MASS and the DIS.
I believe certain advances in technology in the past 10 years make it possible now to seriously consider a comprehensive EW simulation and modeling system like J-MASS.
Care must be taken in the evolution os systems like J-MASS to ensure that they can accommodate the rapidly expanding computer processing technology as it evolves over the next decade.
It is essential, however, that as we develop the digital modeling systems of the future, potential users are convinced J-MASS will produce realistic and valid results.
The SOF/ATS program has the right idea; if the DOD can approve $1 billion for it, then we should be able to justify $100 million for the SOF/ATS system, in the case of the SOF/ATS system, J-MASS will be worth every penny.