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J-STARSJoint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System
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His first military chapters cover the elegant transports epitomized by the VC-137C (Air Force One), the E-3 AWACS, the Navy's E-6 Mercury, the E-8 J-STARS, and various foreign air force aircraft.
The J-STARS detects a possible enemy convoy at long range, and it tasks Horizon to move in for a closer look.
A key product of the electronic oversight systems will be continuously updated emitter overlays that can be electronically posted to the situation map with the same resolution that J-STARS shows minute-by-minute updates of movers throughout the battle area.
6 million for a J-STARS terminal and $15 million for a tactical ground intercept facility.
Specifically excluded from these cuts was the J-STARS program, apparently perceived by the HAC to be a star performer in Desert Storm.