J-UCASJoint Unmanned Combat Air System
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J-UCAS began its life at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in 1998.
One major problem for the services was that DARPA focused on building J-UCAS prototypes without addressing long-term issues such as logistics support, maintenance, spare parts and training.
Among the programs likely to get pushed to the right are unmanned aircraft development programs such as the J-UCAS combat drone and the broad area maritime surveillance aircraft.
The soul of J-UCAS lies in the command-and-control, sensor, and weapons systems that enable their operation.
Other things like J-UCAS, MALD-J, the electron war and high-power microwave weapons are, as for the moment, good wishes.
The next major milestone for the X-45 J-UCAS program will be the demonstration of multiple-vehicle coordinated flight.