J2CJava 2 Connector
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Sigfox, the world's IoT service provider and first global 0G network operator, and J2C, a specialist in service offerings in the security market, have developed the MutaKom box, which replaces the previous wiring that linked the devices to the PSTN, the companies said.
PETRIN, JEAN-PIERRE, Agrinuvo, 2070, rue Joseph St-Cyr, Drummondville, QC J2C 8V6; (819) 474-4635x101
1740 Boulevard Saint-Charles Drummondville, QC J2C 5S8 CA (819) 850-6730 contact@eberlenorthamerica.com www.ebcrlenorthamerica.com
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He turned to the dotcom boom in 2000, with an internet company J2C (Just2Clicks) offering an online business marketplace.
For more information, contact: HumanWare Corporate Headquarters, 1800 Michaud Street, Drummondville, Quebec, J2C 7G7, Canada; phone: 800-722-3393; web site: <www.humanware.com>.
We recently were fortunate to participate in an on-site workplace-based training and educational program called Jobs to Careers (J2C) that allowed us to help these employees remain on the radar.
Capa 1: 43 J3B, 307 J2C, 154/1 I4A, 144 J4A, 154/1 I4A, 115 I3D, 767 J4C, 784 I3C, 790 L3C, 341 K4B, 146/2 G3D, 791 L3C, 189/3 H4B, 798 K3D, 151/1 H4A, 946 K4B.
CCC Level-4 Item Length Width Height Short Tons A2B T49255 Truck, Light 166 79 80 4.9 J2C F06972 Conveyor 251 41 27 1.6 R2B L63994 Light Set 146 69 68 .9 CCC Level-4 Item MTONs Square Feet Quantity A2B T49255 Truck, Light 5.2 91 1 J2C F06972 Conveyor 4.1 71 2 R2B L63994 Light Set 10.0 69 4
Just2Clicks also announced it planned to change its company name after recognising that most users already called it J2C. It is also to embark on a search to match high-profile partners to each of its business-to-business websites.
TFH, 1715 Haggerty St., Drummondville, QC, Canada J2C 5P7; (800) 567-3855.