J2CAJ2ee Connector Architecture
J2CAJ2EE Connection Architecture
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The Shadow Interface for IMS/DB provides application developers with an array of options for reaching into IMS databases, using either simplified SQL access or invoking RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls) through industry--standard APIS, such as J2CA, JDBC or ODBC.
Non-invasive Event "listeners" require no changes to the mainframe application code and are uniquely tailored to the mainframe subsystem to optimize performance and minimize resource utilization -- Real-time Operates in real-time, reducing latency and the expense associated with traditional batch processing or journal based capture -- Eliminates Polling Routine Replaces CPU-intensive and inaccurate polling routines used to detect state changes -- Development Studio/IDE Shadow Studio (Eclipse) allows developers to easily create rules and model profiles of key mainframe business events against their target destinations -- Support for J2CA 1.
Shadow IDBC Connect and Shadow J2CA Connect enterprise-class adapters provide developers with a J2EE compatible solution for accessing a broad range of mainframe data (Adabas, DB2, IMSIDB, VSAM), applications (CICSITS and IMSITM) and programs (Natural, MDI RSPS), without sacrificing the performance characteristics of the mainframe.
With the purchase of NEON's Shadow J2CA Connect adapters, First Health Services now has secure, production-quality access to customer information on their IBM zSeries mainframe.
We selected NEON's Shadow J2CA adapters after a thorough competitive evaluation because of their demonstrable ability to deliver easy to use, secure, scalable access to our CICS mainframe applications.
NET application platform suites to provide customers with full J2CA, JDBC or ODBC access to mainframe data sources and transaction environments, supporting DB2(R), CICS/TS, IMS/TM, IMS/DB, VSAM, ADABAS, Natural/ACI, flat files, IDMS, and many other z/OS mainframe data and transactional sources.