J2GJust Too Good
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Existen innumerables genotipos y cultivares de yaca en el mundo entre los que destacan en Australia 'Black Gold', 'Gold Nugget', 'Honey Gold', 'Lemon Gold', 'Cochin', 'Kun Wi Chan', 'Leung Bang', 'Bostworth' 'Galaxy', Fitzroy y 'Nahen'; Tailandesas 'Dang Rasimi', 'Golden Pillow', 'Chompa Grob', 'Malaysia', 'Mastura', 'NSi', 'J33', J31', 'J30'y 'J2g'.
The 11 varieties of J2G! certainly have more pizzazz than their fat-free competitors, but they aren't quite as flavorful and full-bodied as the other lines we tasted.