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J2SEJava 2 Platform Standard Edition
J2SEJava 2 Platform; Second Edition
J2SEJava 2.0 Standard Edition
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The SNAP Mobile SDK 2.2 also adds support for J2SE, enabling developers to design games with cross platform support.
Version 1.0 was introduced in 2001, and since J2SE version 1.4, Web Start has been included with the default installation of the JRE.
It is assumed that the reader has a basic understanding of J2SE 5.0.
Tanto el servidor como el nodo cliente cuentan con una aplicacion desarrollada en lenguaje Java (J2SE 1.4.1, Sun Microsystems, Santa Clara, CA, USA) que permite visualizar y manipular archivos DICOM y exportarlos a formato JPEG, TIFF o BMP (Figura 3).
Patrick Niemeyer and Jonathan Knudsen's Learning Java (0596008732, $44.95) appears in its 3rd updated edition to cover J2SE 5.0.
First, platform independence is achieved through use of the Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) bindings for JXTA.
CocoBase(R) Enterprise O/R, Dynamic Object to Relational Mapping(TM) optimized for J2EE and J2SE customer success is the top solution for solving the Object to Relational impedance mismatch.
* Java server functionality: ERS 3.0 includes the J2SE environment, which contains several of the API's suitable for enterprise use.
Quoting the Groovy FAQ: Think of Groovy as a Ruby--or Python-like language that is tightly integrated with the Java platform (as opposed to the Unix/Posix command shell and C-libraries), allowing you the same powerful and concise coding syntax as Ruby or Python, but allowing you to stay on the JVM and protect your investment in J2SE, J2EE, and all the plethora of great useful Java code out there without any adapter layers or parallel API sets ...
Sun Microsystems Inc, the inventor of Java technology, has posted its next version of Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) to the developer community for early review and developer involvement.