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J2EEJava 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (software; Sun Microsystems)
J2EEJava 2 Platform Enterprise Edition
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Develop and deploy thin-client rich Internet applications using pure Java J2EE standards-compliant technologies and tools;
In addition, CGI applied the automatic Adaptive Instrumentation capability introduced by VERITAS earlier this year (See related news release, "VERITAS Raises the Bar for J2EE Application Performance Management," issued March 2, 2004) to significantly reduce the time it takes to isolate J2EE performance issues and increase server availability.
NET, which helps companies build enterprise Web services, is newer to the market than J2EE, users say it's a cheaper, relatively simple programming model that allows various programming languages to communicate with one another.
Unify NXJ Composer enables organizations to transition these Lotus Notes applications to J2EE quickly and, equally as important, use the Lotus Notes development team to complete the migration.
Therefore J2EE applications are able to run on any platform such as Windows, Unix or IBM's OS390.
Such a distinction is necessary because despite the promise of J2EE portability, individual implementations of J2EE can vary from vendor to vendor.
Founded in 2002, Acsera helps companies successfully monitor and manage large scale enterprise J2EE applications by assuring optimal performance and availability.
A study by Giga Information Group, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, found that 78 percent of IT decision-makers viewed J2EE software as the most effective platform for building and deploying Web services.
The Unify NXJ Composer solution can quickly migrate Lotus Notes applications to J2EE, but just as important, it provides an easy-to-use graphical development environment for relational database and J2EE platforms that offers an easy transition for Lotus Notes developers," said Bill McNaughton, CEO of Turnpike Systems.
This latest release is the only complete solution on the market today that enables Global 2000 IT organizations to deploy more J2EE and Web Services applications in less time, at a lower cost utilizing their existing resources and skill sets.
Unify NXJ Composer is a breakthrough solution purpose-built to safely and quickly extend the Lotus Notes collaboration platform and developer skill set to the J2EE platform," said Todd Wille, CEO of Unify Corp.
Today, there is potential for tremendous business risk and revenue loss through application outages in high-transaction, J2EE environments.