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J2MEJava 2 Micro Edition (Sun)
J2MEJava 2 Platform Micro Edition
J2MEJava 2 Platform Mobile Edition
J2MEJava 2Platform, Micro Edition (software)
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The JSR-184 graphics specification has recently been adopted as part of the J2ME platform, and is expected to increase the market opportunity for 3D mobile games by providing a common framework for 3D games over wireless networks.
The present state of J2ME was singled out by Borland's group as proof fragmentation exists.
TeleNav gives owners of certain Java (J2ME) mobile phones the ability to navigate turn-by-turn to virtually any street address in the continental United States using a combination of real-time voice and graphical directions delivered directly to their phone.
The fact that the wireless Java (J2ME) i-appli games exploded in popularity while running on DoCoMo's relatively slow second-generation (2G) network is a testament to the marketing, appeal and inexpensiveness of the handsets, and the cultivation of good, cheap content.
'J2ME in a Nutshell' by Kim Topley is an introduction to Java 2 Micro Edition which contains sections on the essential APIs for various device types and deployments.
and Canadian street information that allows Tierravision Micromap to display maps and provide geographically relevant, real-time content over wireless devices running PocketPC, Palm, J2ME and other operating systems.
JAMDAT has created a suite of carrier-grade enabling technologies based on open standards such as Java, BREW, IPDR, J2ME and XML that allow applications to be hosted, provisioned, tracked and authenticated across all devices and networks without requiring the adoption of a standardized application delivery platform.
J2ME is still immature, so deployments are still more "write once, debug everywhere" than they are "write once, run anywhere." Also, J2ME is a functional description rather than a true standard.
This relationship has been established to facilitate the development of applications for Motorola's J2ME technology-enabled multiple communication handsets.