J32Joint Plans-Readiness Officer
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The number of breakdowns recorded starting at J32 of the M4 has grown from 542 in 2017-18 but has fallen from 847 in 2014-15.
At 5am tomorrow it will leave the A5026 layby and re-join the A55 at J32, heading back eastbound towards J33.
The aircraft was a 19-seater Jetstream J32 that had departed from Bleinheim airport
(70SI+1SM) Negro 150 J24 Hidalgo-48-A-1 Negro 151 J25 Mexico 33-A-1 Negro 152 J27 Zacatecas 4-A-2 Negro 8025 M7 Jamapa/CNCh 2 Negro Altiplano D19 Negro Durango//BAT260/ Negro Queretaro Negro Cotaxtla 91 M8 D-149/1397 Negro Chiapas M9 Tepehua-4M-1M-M Negro Durango D20 L-63/Bayo Durango Negro Frailesca M10 Medellin-2M-2M-M Negro Huasteco 81 M11 ICAPijao/Porrillo 70 Ojo de Cabra 73 (Siechi 73) Dl OCM-1-M-M Ojo de Cabra 400 J30 C-14-46-2-2-2Bayo 107 Pinto 162 J31 Hidalgo 14-A-3 Pinto Anzalduas 91 D13 Pinto Nacional// [F.sub.2] Aguascalientes.24-C/ Canario 72 Pinto Bayacora D22 Pinto Sierra/Pinto Nacional Pinto Fresnillo D23 EU-812-1-M Pinto Mestizo D24 Bayo Victoria/Olathe Pinto Mexicano 80 J32 C-12-159-2-4-1-31-3/ Garbancillo Criollo Pinto Nacional D25 Landrace.
At Stand J32, Hall 3, French producer Calemard will high-light its full line of in-line and off-line slitting and rewinding machines.
Simply leave the M62 at J32 and follow brown tourism signs for Xscape/Freeport.
Coaches - (also light vans, minibuses and limos): Leave M4 at J32 /A470.
Placing "undefined code, please check" at the end of the list (cell J32) creates a catchall for all mistakenly keyed unassigned numbers over 21.
The incident happened at around midday on Thursday on the eastbound carriageway near J32 for Chepstow.
The incident happened on the M4 between J30 Cardiff Gate and J32 Coryton Interchange at around 6.15pm on Wednesday.
Police and Traffic Wales officers were called to the three-vehicle collision on the eastbound carriageway between J32 Holywell and J33 Northop at about 12.30pm.
A Tongwynlais near Cardiff in a farmhouse that would now be in the middle of Coryton roundabout, J32, M4.