J4AJustice for All (band)
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M6 northbound between J4 and J4A due to a collision where a van has collided with the central barrier.
"Lane 4 remains closed #M6 #WestMidlands northbound between J4 (M42) and J4A following a collision where a van collided with the central barrier," they tweeted.
The additional judgments are identified in Table 1 as significance for self (J4A), relevant self-efficacy (J4B), and novelty or familiarity (J4C).
In respect to personal significance (J4A), research with student samples has shown that associations between well-being and progress in personal projects (Emmons, 1986) or towards goals (Brunstein, 1993; Sheldon & Houser-Marko, 2001) are stronger when those projects or goals are judged to be personally more salient.
These are expected to encourage the activation of conceptually linked judgment processes, in that greater salience of a stimulus (A4 in Table 2) necessarily raises issues of personal significance (J4A), and stimulus novelty (A5) directs attention to that judgment standard itself (J4C).
Table 2 also proposes that employees with greater self-esteem are less likely to focus on the presence or absence of potential threat (J4A; since high serf-esteem includes a relatively lower concern about potential dangers to the self), and that depression (disposition B8) operates similarly to low self-esteem in respect to J1 and J2B.
In addition, more neurotic Individuals (with an enhanced anxiety about themselves) are thought more likely to be affected by variations in perceived significance for self (J4A).
Officers from Central Motorway Police Group tweeted: "I can't think of polite term to give the 100 plus drivers who have ignored the red X on M6 j4a whilst a male was having a medical episode."
M42 between M42 J1 and M5 J4A (LM495) ............Bromsgrove ...............................
Traffic built up on the M6 northbound and stretched back to J4a, the M42 turning, as vehicles queued for the A38 at J6.
THE PARISH of Water Orton is unceremoniously wedged between the M6 J4a and the M42 J8.