JA-SIGJava Application-Special Interest Group
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With the widespread adoption of JA-SIG CAS for authentication, CAS is now configured as the default authentication system for uPortal.
Unicon Presentations at JA-SIG Spring 2008 Conference
Note - the following presentations have abstracts and descriptions available on the JA-SIG Web site at:
USC then contributes the updated "Announcements Channel" back to JA-SIG open source repository and uPortal community.
The growth, maturation, and future of uPortal has been made possible by educational institutions and the open source community, but also owes a great deal of its success and advancement to commercial supporters like Unicon," said Jonathan Markow, Chairman of the JA-SIG Board of Directors.
Our company's history, expertise, and success has been based on our close association with higher ed organizations and through open source initiatives, with JA-SIG and uPortal leading the way in the category," said John C.
We've been closely involved with uPortal from its beginning as a partner in JA-SIG and as technology contributor.
JA-SIG has been in operation for over six years, holding bi-annual conferences and sponsoring open source software applications like uPortal, the enterprise-grade portal solution; CAS, a flexible Central Authentication Service deployed for single sign-on; and HyperContent, lightweight but powerful web content management.
Unicon is a long-standing and consistent supporter of uPortal and JA-SIG.
com) is a portal designed to allow administrators, faculty, and IT personnel to fully test and evaluate the latest open-source technologies from Sakai, JA-SIG and others in a low-cost and risk-free environment.
Both companies are also strong contributors to the open source and community source movements in higher education with technologies from JA-SIG (Java Administration Special Interest Group.
Through his efforts with JA-SIG, the uPortal project, and Sakai, Zackrison helped SunGard SCT become an important contributor to higher education-focused open-source initiatives.