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Their study concentrates on the progress of home-grown agricultural development by Jaabe So and his fellow farmers by the river, and on their uneasy relations with the government agency for agricultural development along the Senegal river, SAED (Societe d'Amenagement et d'Exploitation des terres du Delta du fleuve Senegal).
The spontaneous local efforts he then organized made use of his overseas experience and contacts, and of help from various aid agencies--there is obviously no contradiction here--but the basis of the local groups' efforts was investment in emigrants' earnings, and local initiative based on local needs is the main theme stressed throughout the book after initial chapters on earlier history and Jaabe So's travels.
Within chronological chapters the account proceeds in a somewhat unusual way, with brief sections by Adrian Adams, Jaabe So and sometimes other villagers interspersed with extracts from official documents--including those produced by the Federation des Paysans Organises du Departement de Bakel (President, Jaabe So; Secretary-General, Adrian Adams So)--and reports by aid workers and agencies.