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JABBAJust Another Brain Boggling Acronym
JABBAJamaica Amateur Body Building Association
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Murree and Malam Jabba were the most famous winter holidays destinations this year, he
Another local skier, Izzat Ali from Malam Jabba, who secured first position in the competition, said that he had passion for skiing and was very excited to perform in front of so many spectators.
I can feel the same waggle of flesh that I'm sure Jabba felt and the sinking feeling - no, the actual sinking into the sofa, which displays the flattened outline of my bottom.
Malam Jabba also offers two exciting trekking trails that offer excellent scenery.
Moreover, the project includes three state-of-the-art picnic spots in Malam Jabba, a hotel, parks, mosque, and rest areas, rain shelters, public washrooms, tea, coffee and tuck shops.
50 male and 10 female skiers from Pakistan and 8 international skiers from Morocco, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Greece, Afghanistan, Turkey, Ukraine and Tajikistan participated in the CAS Karakorum Ski Championship and Malam Jabba International Alpine Ski Cup in the scenic valley of Swat.
The Malam Jabba Ski Resort is owned by the Pakistani Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC).
There was a full-size Jabba the Hutt and R5-D4, R2-D2, for visitors to pose with for photographs.
The Force prevailed - like Little Darth, Jabba was also arrested.
JABBA Connect will continue to offer its expertise and resources in providing innovative solutions for customers in the cellular field.
The gold outfit worn by Carrie Fisher in Return of the Jedi when Princess Leia was enslaved by Jabba the Hutt in the 1983 film.
Emily cosied up for a selfie with Jabba the Hutt and planted a smacker on Chewbacca.