JABSOMJohn A Burns School of Medicine
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Lehrer, Assistant Professor, Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Pharmacology at the JABSOM.
Hawai'i's cultural diversity and geographical setting affords the JABSOM a unique research environment to excel in health disparity research.
Kelley Withy, MD, PhD and JABSOM AHEC Director, will provide the latest results of her long-running Hawai?i Health Workforce Report.
JABSOM researchers secure up to USD 52m in grants, and overall economic stimulus to Hawaii from the school tops USD456 m annually.
Classroom training with skeletal samples has begun in the JABSOM Department of Anatomy, Biochemistry and
JABSOM Adjunct Professor of Anatomy Robert Bob Mann and Dr.
He earned his master's degree from the UH in 1965, and returned to JABSOM alter graduating from Johns Hopkins to work at the then-brand-new department of Tropical Medicine and Medical Microbiology until 1975.
Cadman's goal of 20 to 30 biotech startups clustered around JABSOM may take years to achieve, as will critical mass in other commercial sectors that could feed directly off UH research.
Burns School of Medicine Nick Kaiser Astronomer, Institute for Astronomy Thomas Schroeder Director, Joint Institute for Atmospheric and Marine Research Naleen Andrade Professor, JABSOM Goro Uehara Professor, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources Robert Stodden Director, Center on Disability Studies Name Amount Number (in millions) of Grants David Lassner $17.3 38 Rose Tseng $14.8 5 David Duffy $14.5 138 Clyde Sakamoto $11.5 5 Edwin Cadman $7.9 9 Nick Kaiser $7.8 1 Thomas Schroeder $7.4 27 Naleen Andrade $7.2 13 Goro Uehara $4.8 2 Robert Stodden $4.8 22 * Many of these figures reflect block grants that subsequently go to other research or education projects within UH SOURCE: UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII OFFICE OF RESEARCH SERVICES
JABSOM, which partners with Hawai`i s major medical centers to provide settings for clinical training, had $57 million in extramural funding in FY 2013, including foundation and faculty practice income.
We're already capturing about $32 million a year in research grants between JABSOM, PBRC and CRCH.
New $141 MM, 450,000 s.f (Phase I) biomedical research complex in Kakaako to house JABSOM, CRCH, PBRC.