JABSOMJohn A Burns School of Medicine
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He earned his master's degree from the UH in 1965, and returned to JABSOM alter graduating from Johns Hopkins to work at the then-brand-new department of Tropical Medicine and Medical Microbiology until 1975.
Cadman's goal of 20 to 30 biotech startups clustered around JABSOM may take years to achieve, as will critical mass in other commercial sectors that could feed directly off UH research.
Burns School of Medicine Nick Kaiser Astronomer, Institute for Astronomy Thomas Schroeder Director, Joint Institute for Atmospheric and Marine Research Naleen Andrade Professor, JABSOM Goro Uehara Professor, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources Robert Stodden Director, Center on Disability Studies Name Amount Number (in millions) of Grants David Lassner $17.
Andrea Fleig, Reinhold Penner of Queen's Center for Biomedical Research/UH JABSOM on cell and molecular signaling sparks negotiations with several pharmaceutical companies interested in using their discovery for possible development of new drugs for strokes, heart attacks, other disorders.
Example: his call for new $141 MM Kakaako facility to jointly house both rescued doc school and greatly expanded UH biomedical research program currently centered primarily around two JABSOM affiliates, the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, (CRCH) and the Pacific Biomedical Research Center (PBRC); But he also let's you know he's not sitting back expecting taxpayer to foot full cost of his dream, has well-thought out plan to also chase down research grants, gifts, big donors, forge alliances with biotech industry partners prepared to put up money for right to get inside track on UH biotech research.
We're already capturing about $32 million a year in research grants between JABSOM, PBRC and CRCH.
Cayetano strong backer of new JABSOM facility; keep eyes on what legislature does to his proposal.