JACADSJohnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System
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Adding to the complexity of JACADS's disposal process, the M23 VX land mines were filled with approximately 10.5 pounds of VX nerve agent in addition to the normal fuzes, bursters, activators, and charges.
However, at Johnston Island, the Army repalletized the drums in a single, six-drum layer before delivering them to JACADS. This minimized the number of handling steps required in the unpack area during the disposal process and increased operator safety.
To reduce risk of injury, JACADS personnel developed a machine that extends from an overhead crane onto each individual mine and lifts it to the accumulation conveyor line.
24, 1994, there was a fire at JACADS caused by "a coolant line that came apart, spraying coolant on the hot surface of the deactivation furnace.
* JACADS, it seems, gets shut down as often as some rogue nuclear plants.
But Johnston Atoll's calamities started long before construction of JACADS began in 1985.
The JACADS team has had to overcome many hurdles to achieve success.
For example, at the Army's chemical-agent-disposal facility in Tooele, Utah, the M55-rocket operation was upgraded to incorporate a series of changes, originally made at JACADS, that significantly increased processing efficiency.
M 55 rockets were among the first munitions to be processed through JACADS. The rocket-disposing process included draining the rockets of their chemical agent, removing the fuse located in the nose of the rockets, and then shearing the rockets into pieces.
During the GB 155-mm projectile campaign at JACADS from May 1996 through May 1997, processing of the munitions was hampered occasionally when the fuse adapter on the projectile could not be removed.
The lack of compliance during the unthreading cycle was the cause for the high number of rejects during the 155-mm GB projectile campaign at JACADS.
In January 1998, the gimbal cam socket was installed at JACADS for prototype testing during the GB 8-inch projectile campaign.