JACCJoint Automatic Control Conference
JACCJournal Access Core Collection
JACCJoint Ambulatory Care Clinic
JACCjoint airspace control center (US DoD)
JACCJoint Airborne Command Center
JACCJoint Admission/Congestion Control
JACCJust Another Computer Company (Ottawa, Canada)
JACCJoint Airspace Control Cell
JACCJust Another Computer Company
JACCJoint Airspace Coordination Centre
JACCJava Authorization Contract for Containers
JACCJapan-America Cooperative Conference (members of the ACCJ and the Tokyo-Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
JACCJournal of the American College of Cardiology
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The current JACC publication, which describes an analysis of pooled pre-specified subgroups, reported statistically significant positive treatment effects in a number of different measures of heart disease among women in the AGENT-3 and AGENT-4 studies (n=76).
The JACC authors also reminded readers that finding cancer in patients with low LDL does not mean the cancer was caused by the low levels of LDL.
Sianos, who will discuss his findings as published in the JACC and their impact on heart attack patient treatment.
JACC has partnered with the North Carolina Chamber to present the 27th annual North Carolina Business Hall of Fame event honoring the accomplishments of outstanding business leaders from across the state.
The signal was "unlikely to be related to the aircraft black boxes", JACC chief Angus Houston said.
After eight years of hunting for humorous finance professionals, the firm and JACC are expanding their search to Charlotte, the location of its newest regional office.
We are very pleased that after reviewing all of the published literature on Cambridge Heart's system, including last month's publication in JACC by Dr.
JACC empowers students at the elementary, middle and high school levels to understand and develop the necessary skills to successfully earn, spend, save and invest money.
Commenting for the company, David Chazanovitz, President and CEO of Cambridge Heart said, "The publication of this study in JACC, a highly respected peer reviewed journal, provides further documentation of a common sense approach to providing appropriate therapy for those in need in a cost effective manner.
In October, Charlotte Succession hosted its Succession Golf Tournament on behalf of the JACC for the third year in a row.