JACCEJoint Air Component Coordination Element (US DoD)
JACCEJane Addams Center for Civic Engagement (Rockford College; Illinois)
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He or she can do so by understanding the available cyberspace forces and requesting support from them, comprehending cyberspace guidance and the Joint Staff Execution Order on "Implementing Cyberspace Operations Command and Control," and setting the foundation for the JFACC to leverage offensive cyberspace operations through a JACCE to the joint cyberspace center (or cyberspace component).
First implemented during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, the JACCE concept met the need for close coordination and support for ground forces after leadership decided that a ground campaign would initiate removal of the Iraqi regime.
An insightful review by the Air Force Inspection Agency in 2010 captured lessons learned from the JACCE in US Central Command's (CENTCOM) area of responsibility.
If CENTCOM, which has perfected its craft during more than 10 years of constantly using kinetic (traditional) airpower, still experiences C2 seams that warrant a JACCE, then imagine the seams created when an interagency task force stands up with little warning in a time of crisis.
In other words, because the JACCE could make decisions and had in-depth understanding of the supported commander's needs, it applied airpower effectively.
(11) Ultimately the Dominicans themselves deserve credit for eradicating illegal flights into their country, but the air component's role demonstrates the critical part that the JACCE can and should play within an interagency task force.
Personnel currently used only on the JACCE staff can support the JTF COMAFFOR/ JFACC after establishment of the task force.