JACEEJordanian-American Commission for Educational Exchange (Fulbright grants)
JACEEJapanese-American Cooperative Emulsion Experiments
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10 (435m): Glengiblin Mccoy, Dalton Rhapsody, Jacees Handbag, Dance Toner (M), Rockstown Boy (M), Road To Rome (W) 20.
30 (435m): Cals Hero, Jacees Handbag, Dalton Daley (M), Blackabbey Gorm (M), Rockstown Boy (M).
30 (435m): Charlotte Marie, Balmoral Jack, Leemount Joy, Cheyanne Gift, Jacees Handbag (M), Crooks Storm (W).
30 (435m): Glengiblin Mccoy, Jacees Handbag, Simple Girl (M), Lacken Gemma (M), Clomantagh Doc (W), Cartroc Slyde (W).
10 (435m): Dinger Bell, Katies Contact, Millridge Rosco, Jacees Handbag (M), Balotellis Girl (M), Boherash Maestro (W).
00 (435m): Ding Blue, Jacees Handbag, Hannahs Hand Bag, Road To Rome (W), Folayno Boom (W).
00 (435m): Snug Pacino, Boherash Gritty, Jacees Handbag (M), Rish Again (M), Blackabbey Gorm (M), Cash Out (W).
30 (435m): Jelly Kelly, Oscars Puma, Daddy Said So, Jacees Handbag (M), Sky Rider (W), Cash Out (W).