JACEEJordanian-American Commission for Educational Exchange (Fulbright grants)
JACEEJapanese-American Cooperative Emulsion Experiments
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20.10 (435m): Ardrahan Zapico, Glengiblin Mccoy, Carbine Williams, Jacee's Handbag (M), Storm Dotty (W), Glengiblin Whizz (W).
20.30 (435m): Highview Level, Eowyn, Millridge Rosco, Neon Queen (M), Jacee's Handbag (M), Coverdale Ricki (W).
20.30 (435m): Highview Level, Betsy Butterball, Nicola Sapphire, Jacee's Handbag (M), Butterbridge Bob (W), Tracy's Spot On (W).
20.46 (435m): Highview Level, Dinger Bell, Millridge Rosco, Jacee's Handbag (M), Balotelli's Girl (M), Wilbrook Shadow (W).
21.10 (435m): Dipton Maggie, Farkland Kylie, Ballyhoe Luna, Jacee's Handbag (M), Cushie Mabel (W), Crooks Storm (W).
20.30 (435m): Dipton Maggie, Highclere Jazz, Wotsonthemenu, Jacee's Handbag (M), Glengiblinlizzie (M), Balmoral Bella (M).
PELAW GRANGE 7.30 (435m): Crooks Saffron, Dream On Sue, Two Faced (M), Patrick's Jet (M), Jacee's Handbag (M), Sideshift (W).
PELAW GRANGE 7.30 (435m): Target Act, Windy Cassilero, Dalton Flight, Jacees Handbag, Shes Crackers (W), Villas Priscilla (W).
8.19 (435m): Target Act, Jacees Handbag, Craigneathen Lad, Kendlea Well Lad (M), Ower The Knot (W), Quarterland Samy (W).
PELAW GRANGE 12.00 (435m): Merlin Spark, Jacees Handbag, Snug Monroe, Nippy Zippy (M), Crooks Storm (W) 12.17 (245m): Selkirk Mayhem, Scholes Deeds (M), You Little Mikey (M), Maum Ranger (M), Ninety Days (M) 12.34 (435m): Act Quickly, Glengiblin Brae, Calamity Molly, Avitas Spark, Woodys Boston (M), Glengiblin Whizz (W) 12.52 (435m): Pookies Arrow, Identity Thief, Confused Eileen (M), Steeple Rd Mol (M), Wellpad Eve (M), Downtown Katie (W) 1309 (435m): Dashing Demi, Amazing Event, Dalton Melody, Cotton Clouds, Blakefield Blake (M), Glengiblin Lilly (W) 13.26 (435m): Ballymac Softtop, Final Mad, Miss Nidge, Minnies Choice (M), Glengiblin Cecil (W).
TOMORROW PELAW GRANGE (Subject to alteration) 12.00 (435m): Merlin Spark, Jacees Handbag, Snug Monroe, Nippy Zippy (M), Crooks Storm (W).