JACFJournal of Applied Corporate Finance (Blackwell Publishing)
JACFJournal of the Ancient Chronology Forum
JACFJennifer Aniston Center Forum (website message board)
JACFJunior American Culinary Federation
JACFJunior Achievement of Central Florida, Inc.
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Three of the journals, the FAJ, the JPM, and the JACF, specialize in applied research.
The inclusion of the FAJ And the JACF on these lists confirms that prolific authors consider applied finance to be an integral part of the literature.
When prolific authors are identified using appearances across all 23 journals, the JFR and the FR move into the top 10 surviving journals (in both Panels A and B), replacing the JACF and the JFI.
Like Accenture, the JACF sees the finance function as providing key oversight and business operations support to maximize shareholder value," said Mike Sutcliff, managing partner, Finance & Performance Management, Accenture, and member of the JACF board of advisors.