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JACIEJoint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (US NASA, US NGA, USDA, USGS)
JACIEJoint Accreditation Committee-ISCT & EBMT (haematopoietic stem cell transplant assessor)
JACIEJava-Based Authoring Language for Collaborative Interactive Environments (scripting language)
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The report on the first ten years showed that 200 European programmes have applied for JACIE accreditation, which has been granted in more than 100 cases.
Ice water was served outside on silver trays by Jacie Byrd The wedding was directed by Penny Byrd and photographers were Jamie Tedder, Shawnda Blaine, and Melinda Blaine.
"There was like no words; I just cried," said a tearful Jacie Pippin, Roddy Pippin's wife.
His wickedly amusing satire on television, and the people who run it, is enchantingly told through jobbing actoid Jacie Triplethree, who bypasses her/its programming to display a sense of comic timing.
Now, imagine an actoid, identification JCF 31333, aka Jacie Triplethree, who has begun to display non-programmed responses.
Jacie Leary of Etna was appointed to represent Siskiyou County on the four-county board of directors of the Superior California Economic Development District ...
She has a cupboard full of Best Actress awards, including the three most prestigious accolades British theatre can bestow - the Olivier, Evening Standard and Critics' Circle - for her performance as Jacie in Alan Ayckbourn's Comic Potential, an achievement matched only by Dame Judi Dench.
Jacie Skelton, Instructor, Assiniboine Community College, 1430 Victoria Avenue East, Brandon, MB R7A 2A9
Adam Trainsmith Alexander Chaplin Doctor/Farmer, etc John Curless Jacie Triplethree Janie Dee Lester Trainsmith, etc MacIntyre Dixon Son/Marmion, etc Carson Elrod Chandler Tate Peter Michael Goetz Trudi Floote/Girl in Dress Shop Mercedes Herrero Mother/ Farmer's Wife, etc Robin Mosely Carla Pepperbloom Kristine Nielsen Prim Spring Kellie Overbey Heaven forbid the day should come when actors are replaced by electronic "actoids," as Alan Ayckbourn wickedly fantasizes in "Comic Potential," but even if that dreadful day arrived tomorrow, Janie Dee wouldn't have anything to worry about.
Tec-Ed staff members who helped with the article include William Cotter, Natalie Grandinetti, Deborah Hinderer, John Nelson, April Pichlik, Larry Rusinsky, and Jacie Wedberg.
029 2023 2199 COMEDY Comic Potential In a TV studio of the future, where soap opera actors have been replaced by androids, juvenile "actoid" JC-333 (Jacie) is about to awaken to a whole new world of romance, excitement...