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JACKJack Audio Connection Kit
JACKJoint Action Council Kannur (India)
JACKJava Applet Correctness Kit (computer programming)
JACKJoint Advisory Commission Korea (US covert operation; Korean War)
JACKJust Another Contract Killer (game)
JACKJava Application Component Kit
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'Pussy's, Jack! We must drink Many happy returns to her.
Tell me, Jack,' the young fellow then flows on: 'do you really and truly feel as if the mention of our relationship divided us at all?
Button-Bright was at first rather shy with the quaint Pumpkinhead, but Jack's face was so jolly and smiling--being carved that way--that the boy soon grew to like him.
Each time Ozma has carved me a new head just like the old one, and as my body is by far the largest part of me, I am still Jack Pumpkinhead, no matter how often I change my upper end.
It is certain that Jack Pumpkinhead might have had a much finer house to live in had he wanted it, for Ozma loved the stupid fellow, who had been her earliest companion; but Jack preferred his pumpkin house, as it matched himself very well, and in this he was not so stupid, after all.
"Jack's all right, and works fine!" he said to himself, panting with the unusual exertion.
"No, Jack," she said; "you know I do not approve of such exhibitions."
While we were comforting ourselves by the fire after our meal, the Jack - who was sitting in a corner, and who had a bloated pair of shoes on, which he had exhibited while we were eating our eggs and bacon, as interesting relics that he had taken a few days ago from the feet of a drowned seaman washed ashore - asked me if we had seen a four-oared galley going up with the tide?
Without saying a word she took hold of the winch (it was turned by handpower then), and round she swung him, and Jack began to flop about inside.
What he did do, with bristling neck-hair, was to stalk stiff-leggedly across the cage, turn about with his face toward the danger, and stalk stiffly back, coming to a pause alongside of Jack, who gave him a good-natured sniff of greeting.
"I won't hump you, Jack," he said, contenting himself with calling the requisite two thousand.
"My dear young lady," Inspector Jacks said, "I will not ask for your sympathy, for I am afraid I should ask in vain; but we are just now, we people at Scotland Yard, up against one of the most extraordinary problems which have ever been put before us.