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See Letter to Senator from JACL Executive Director S.
The JACL supported Myer's assimilationist beliefs and policies, but its prominence often was resented by traditional Issei community leaders and by Kibei, American-born Nisei raised and educated in Japan.
Some of these grassroots movements arose out of involvement with local issues in the Japanese and greater Asian American communities and had become disillusioned with the progress of the JACL.
On September 12, 2001, the day following the attacks, the JACL issued a statement reflecting, first, the terrible sense of loss many Americans felt, (211) but also cautioning against blaming people from the same ethnic and religious groups as the attackers.
Floyd Mori, national executive director of the JACL, said that Southwest has started to provide flight tickets for use in various JACL programmes.
Their protest was triggered when JACL encouraged draft-age interned males to volunteer or be drafted into the military as proof of Japanese Americans' loyalty.
According to Daniel Widener, between 1946 and 1952, the year of her departure, Japanese American "inroads" into white areas served as "a wedge subsequently broadened" by black families, while desegregation efforts were often coordinated by groups like the JACL and NAACP (170).
ISL is based on JACL [36], which is the Java version of the Tool Command Language (TCL) [37].
The Nisei contribution took different forms: For example, lawyers for the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) consulted on different occasions with NAACP counsel on the preparation of civil rights cases before the Supreme Court and lower courts, and the JACL participated in these cases as amicus curiae.
As one Pentagon official put it, the JACL "has been a good influence.
John Tateishi, JACL executive director, said, ''The JACL calls on the House Republican leadership to remove him immediately from his position before he does further harm.
explaining that the JACL expressed strong support for "the right of Nisei to serve in the military").