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As the associations could not agree upon the delegates to represent its interests, JACM made the decision and the two ATMS nominees were successful.
The issue that I've worked hardest on has been to make JACM more author friendly.
The right to have no errors introduced by the production process: Most JACM authors prepare papers in LaTeX.
JACM is viewed as the journal of record for the theoretical computer science community.
Halpern asks why authors in other areas might prefer to publish in JACM than in journals in their specialties.
Traditionally, a paper submitted to JACM went through many steps: the paper was submitted to the editor-in-chief; the editor-in-chief sent it to an editor; the editor sent it to referees; the paper went through one or more iterations between the referees, editor, editor-in-chief, and author(s); if the paper was accepted, it went on to the publication queue; authors received galleys and corrected them; and the paper finally appeared.
Three dimensional VLSI: a case study, JACM 30, 3 (1983), 397-416.
His ACM activities have included the following: ACM Council, member-at-large, 1988 to the present; Publications Board, 1983 to 1986; Publications Planning Committee chair, 1983 to 1986; the ACM Nominating Committee, 1982 to 1986, JACM editor in chief, 1979 to 1982, area editor for Combinatorics and Graph Theor, 1975 to 1979; first ACM Dissertation Award Committee chair, 1982.
Throughout the winter of 1963-64, while waiting for news of the paper's acceptance or rejection by JACM, I concentrated on trying to push the ideas further, and looked for ways of extending the resolution principle to accommodate even larger inference steps than those sanctioned by the original binary resolution patten.
Burstall and Darlington described a system for transforming recursive programs in Acta Informatica (6, 1, 1976, 41-60) and in JACM (24, 1, Jan.