JACSJournal of the American Chemical Society
JACSJoint Academic Coding System
JACSJournal of the American College of Surgeons
JACSJapanese Association for Canadian Studies (est. 1977)
JACSJournal of the American Ceramic Society
JACSJapanese Association of Counseling Science
JACSJapanese Association of Computer Science
JACSJapan Association for Consumer Studies
JACSJustice and Community Services (Australia)
JACSJoint Automated COMSEC System
JACSJUMPS Automated Coding System
JACSJoint Automated CEOI(Communications-Electronics Operating Instructions) System (US DoD)
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JACS seems to closely parallel with the American Counseling Association.
Eberlein, MD, editor of JACS, and I received an admirably prompt, standard rejection letter indicating that the rejection "usually reflects issues of timeliness, a backlog, or beliefs that the material, when complete, did not fit our readership.
Because of the deficiencies in RBECS and JACS and other factors, the Military Communications Electronics Board (MCEB) authorized the development of a new JCEOI program in early 2004.
Zhao, Superparamagnetic High-Magnetization Microspheres with an Fe3O4@SiO2 Core and Perpendicularly Aligned Mesoporous SiO2 Shell for Removal of Microcystins, JACS, 130, 28 (2008).
The JACS office was one of these programs, founded and staffed by ex-offenders, former inmates, and former drug users who were committed to direct service community programs.
subset]]ani Arabic (Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz Verlag, 1993; see my review in JACS 117 [1997]: 596-97, as well as Sbahtu:: A Course in [San.
5120 of this year's JACS, Rosenberg, then at the University of Manitoba, now at U.
The JACS publication describes the creation and characterization of a custom enzyme or biocatalyst that was capable of performing a key step in the synthesis of boceprevir.
Eph[GRAPHIC EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]al, "'Arabs' in Babylonia in the 8th Ce JACS 94 (1974): 110, n.
Doody, Felix Olasagasti, Yvette Kolodji, and Mark Akeson, JACS J.
We found a strong correlation between the temperature at which nacre was deposited during the life of the mollusk and water temperature," explains Pupa Gilbert, a UW-Madison professor of physics and chemistry and the senior author of the new JACS report.
See review by Daniel Gold, JACS 116 (1996): 586-87.