JADDJournal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
JADDJoint and Allied Doctrine Division (US Army)
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Denise Jadd, Founder and Lead Designer of Domaine Luxe, is the only recipient of any of the given categories of awards, from and serving Palm Beach County.
Jadd said the chefs displayed their skills in preparing various food items including cakes and sweets.
The Jefferson Area Development Agency (JADD) was created in October 1971 to provide regional planning coordination and technical assistance to the member Kentucky counties (Jefferson, Oldham, Bullitt, Spencer, Shelby, Henry, and Trimble).
Jadd Enterprises LLC, Planet Sun Tanning Salon, $2,344.65 in unpaid state Department of Revenue taxes.
Emad Jadd, an expert at the Cairo-based Al Ahram Strategic Studies Centre, said the Egyptian Brotherhood feels concerned about the secular regime in Turkey.
Second Place Jadd Shelton Brigham Young University-
Scripted by young British playwright Richard Thornton and directed by Lebanese-American dance choreographer Jadd Tank, the play follows two young couples, British expat Tom (Rami Saidi) and his girlfriend Leila (Joelle Merheb) and Leila's best friend Nemer (Wesam Al Del Late), who is dating Beirut-based Croatian Mike (Hassan Dib).
"It is difficult for me to expect a summit," Egyptian analyst Imad Jadd, from Cairo-based Al Ahram Strategic Studies Centre, said.
"If Obama wins, he will listen to Biden," said Egyptian political scientist Emad Jadd in an interview with Gulf News.
Frangieh's reader contains some 1,800 words, with English translations according to the context; e.g., jadd, usually 'grandfather' < jdd 1 means 'good luck' in a poem by Abu Tammam (p.
Generally, one does in fact come to an understanding of certain elements or aspects of the texts which form the focus of his research, an understanding that, with diligence and some luck (and Jadd, the Arabian brother of Tyche, was a popular, though minor divinity in the Nabatean pantheon) reaches a level of genuine insight into some or much of what the authors of the texts meant by what they said, though perhaps not always at the level which was first imagined, since, continuing to work one always gets further insight.
General secretary Julian de Spainn Jadded: "They would never make the same mistake if the material was in English so why is it acceptable to do it with Irish?" The Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht admitted sections of "holding text" had been published on the website "in error".