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JADEJava Agent Development Framework
JADEJournal Abstracts Delivered Electronically
JADEJasmine Application Development Environment
JADEJapanese American Doll Enthusiasts
JADEJoint Angle and Delay Estimation
JADEJoint Audio Decoder/Encoder
JADEJoint Assistant for Deployment and Execution
JADEJade Allows Data Exchange
JADEJoint Angle-Delay Estimation
JADEJob Analysis Documentation & Evaluation
JADEJitter Attenuation and Dynamics Experiment
JADEJIVA Analytic Data Environment
JADEJoint Advanced Demonstration Environment
JADEJapanese Air Defense Environment
JADEJoint Application Development Environment
JADEJoint Analysis and Display Environment
JADEJournal of Alcohol and Drug Education ( American Alcohol and Drug Information Foundation)
JADEJournal of Art Design Education
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But she sat there doing nothing, which was by no means my conception of the jade, so I brought a fieldglass to bear and discovered that the object was merely a lady's jacket.
From the ears hung two-inch-long ear-rings, and at Sheldon's direction the Binu man rubbed away the accretions of smoke and dirt, and from under his fingers appeared the polished green of jade, the sheen of pearl, and the warm red of Oriental gold.
Coral patches uprose everywhere from the turquoise depths, running the gamut of green from deepest jade to palest tourmaline, over which the sea filtered changing shades, creamed lazily, or burst into white fountains of sun-flashed spray.
You've got awfully nice friends," he added humbly, picking up a little jade elephant from her desk.
However, what she withheld from the infant, she bestowed with the utmost profuseness on the poor unknown mother, whom she called an impudent slut, a wanton hussy, an audacious harlot, a wicked jade, a vile strumpet, with every other appellation with which the tongue of virtue never fails to lash those who bring a disgrace on the sex.
I put the constable in mind that I had broke no doors, nor carried anything away; and when I came to the justice, and pleaded there that I had neither broken anything to get in, nor carried anything out, the justice was inclined to have released me; but the first saucy jade that stopped me, affirming that I was going out with the goods, but that she stopped me and pulled me back as I was upon the threshold, the justice upon that point committed me, and I was carried to Newgate.
The next morning she came to see me; she did what she could to comfort me, but she saw that was to no purpose; however, as she said, to sink under the weight was but to increase the weight; she immediately applied herself to all the proper methods to prevent the effects of it, which we feared, and first she found out the two fiery jades that had surprised me.
and will bear with the pace of this poor jade, I shall be glad to ride on with you to the Warren, sir, and hold your horse when you dismount.
The home did not have a defibrillator which Jade said is invaluable 2.
9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Kibush Capital Corporation (OTC: DLCR) announces the purchase of 51% of the ordinary shares of Angel Jade Pty Ltd, an Australian company.
Sadly, that meant Jade didn't know she'd let a killer into her life until it was too late.
Debbie says that instead of finding it difficult seeing her mum's double every day, Jade is comforted by their resemblance and similar mannerisms - but that Debbie would never try to replace Julie.