JADOCSJoint Automated Deep Operations Coordination System (US DoD)
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"JADOCS has served us well as a battle management tool that allows us to coordinate actions across the number of warfare commanders in our doctrine as well as coordinating with the other services so that we bring the right effects onto the target at the right time.
The FAIO's ability to use JADOCS to track and face-to-face discussions to coordinate updates with the air liaison officer on targets submitted to the battlefield coordination detachment worked efficiently during Warfighter 16-04.
Publishing targeting data directly from the IFS to JADOCS.
Passing tactical electronic intelligence through the Advanced Miniature Data Acquisition System Dissemination Vehicle TOMCATS to JADOCS.
During this time the G2 stressed digital proficiency, collective training, and integration of DCGS-A ACE BLOCK II with AFATDS, CPOF, and JADOCS to enable training and effective production in support of all division battle rhythm events.