JADSJoint Advanced Distributed Simulation
JADSJournal Article Delivery Service (Brandeis University and Carnegie Mellon University; Massachusetts and Pennsylvania)
JADSJapan Art Documentation Society (est. 1989; Japan)
JADSJasmine Application Development System
JADSJapanese Association for Disabled Sailing
JADSJava Announcement Display System
JADSJoint Advanced Decontamination System
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JADS Enterprises has five graphite exploration Grid units and an exploration license in the Malsiripura/Kurunegela region in central Sri Lanka.
The acquisition of JADS will take the total number of GRIDs under Ceylon's umbrella in Sri Lanka from 116 to 121.
Em vista danecessidade de adequacao de um protocolo de micropropagacao, para clones hibridos de Eucalyptus urophylla x Eucalyptus globulus e Eucalyptus grandis x Eucalyptus globulus, visando o rejuvenescimento e, ou, revigoramento clonal, o presente trabalho teve como objetivos: (i) avaliar o comportamento dos clones durante a multiplicacao in vitro ao longo de sucessivos subcultivos e (ii) avaliar o alongamento dos clones cultivados em meios contendo diferentes concentracoes de AIB , bem como nos meios de cultura MS e JADS.
Os explantes constituidos de tufos de brotacoes contendo 5 brotacoes maiores que 3 mm, obtidos na fase de multiplicacao, foram inoculados em frascos de 7 x 6 cm contendo 40 mL de meio de cultura, MS ou JADS, ambos suplementados com 0,25; 0,50; 0,75 e 1,0 mg [L.sup.1] de AIB e 0,05 mg [L.sup.1] de BAP.
The second issue of concern to the JADS EW Test Team was that of model and simulation fidelity.
Of fundamental importance to the JADS EW Test design was the statistical correlation of EW measures of performance (MOP) across the test phases.
Os meios de cultura testados foram: MS N/2 (MURASHIGE e SKOOG, 1962) modificado, com reducao de N[H.sub.4]N[O.sub.3] e KN[O.sub.3] pela metade, e JADS (CORREIA et al., 1995) com vitaminas do mesmo meio, ambos contendo 0,1 [micro]M de acido naftaleno acetico (ANA).
In June 1994, the Senior Advisory Council (SAC) tasked the Joint Advanced Distributed Simulation (JADS) to complete the test design for EW using Advanced Distributed Simulation (ADS), focusing on an airborne self-protection jammer (SPJ).
JADS has been manufacturing private label fragrances for nearly four years and during that time has marketed scents under the Star Trek license too.
Currently, the Joint Advanced Distributed Simulation (JADS) Joint Test Force located at Kirtland AFB (Albuquerque, NM) is the home of Advanced Distributed Simulation (ADS) within the US military forces.
This is not a dedicated Air Force activity, but visit the JADS EW team to see how advanced distributed simulation and EW testing are moving forward together.
He is accompanied by the ancient and wise Fraa Jad, who is capable of consciously inhabiting distinct possible worlds at the same time, thanks to his 'advanced state of consciousness.' He is, in other words, the Arbreian (1 almost wrote 'human') embodiment of a Saunt Grod's Machine, or middle knowledge.