JAERIJapan Atomic Energy Research Institute
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The inspection and the identification of the crystal orientation prepared in our UCN converter cell was carried out with the time-of-flight method to observe the Bragg scattering of the chopper-pulsed cold neutron beam at the exit of C2 guide tube, JRR-3M reactor, JAERI.
Nakamura, the Chief of the JRR-3M Utilization Section, JAERI.
But the JNC and the JAERI lag behind in waste disposal since a law governing the disposal of waste generated by research institutes is still being discussed by the Nuclear Safety Commission.
JAERI officials said results of simple tests on the residents who have evacuated showed several of them may have been exposed to radiation.
JAERI wants to upgrade JT-60U to a new superconducting JT-60 Super-Upgrade.
JAERI presented plans to upgrade the world's largest tokamak to the Nuclear Fusion Committee March 29.
Each of these agreements typically has three or more parties, usually the DOE, EURATOM, and JAERI or another Japanese entity.
In 1988, Yoshikawa became director general of JAERI's Naka Fusion Research Establishment, eventually becoming president of JAERI in 1995.