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JAFJavaBeans Activation Framework
JAFJuge aux Affaires Familiales (French: Family Court Judge)
JAFJapan Automobile Federation
JAFJava Activation Framework
JAFJoni and Friends (ministry; Pennsylvania)
JAFJordanian Armed Forces
JAFJuan Antonio Ferreira (Argentinian singer)
JAFJatiyatabadi Ainjibi Forum (Bangladesh)
JAFJoint Attack Fighter
JAFJoint Air Force
JAFJoint Architecture Framework
JAFJoseph Anthony Fatone (NSYNC)
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Kenneth Brown, president JAF Industries, is urging folks to arrive early so they don't miss out.
Jaf and Lou arrived on a speedboat with a big sign "Just Married".
US-led air-strikes in Syria have for the first time focused on ISIS fighters battling JaN in the northern province of Aleppo as an intervention on the side of the JaF.
The king's reactions following this initial coup attempt constitutes the first critical juncture in the development of the JAF.
Jaf loves trees at home and he changes plants and flowers every season, "some of the flowers are only beautiful during a specific season; some of them are open for a few days because I believe they aren't suitable for our environment.
The operation to promote EVs will be implemented from Tuesday through the end of this year in Kanagawa Prefecture by using a roadside service vehicle equipped with a charger developed by Nissan and JAF, they said.
AS YOU may have read earlier in LDP Business, Jaf Siddiqi, co-owner of Liverpool eaterie, Viva Brazil, clocks up a staggering 90 hours of work per week.
The Jordanian team entered the ground in groups preceded by flag carriers accompanied by the Sharkasi Guard of Honour and the music band of the JAF.
He asked me if I could find somebody to buy it and give the money to the JAF.
There's a three-initial business in town - JAF - advertised on the doors of the company pickup.
Don't be confused by the name, Jaf Jaf is as Italian as a Pizza al Prosciutto and as the latest addition to Cleckheaton's eating-out scene it makes up the Latin quarter in this still-smart North Kirklees town.