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JAFAJapan Food Additives Association (est. 1982)
JAFAJapan Adventure Fiction Association
JAFAJapan Australia Friendship Association (est. 1998; Australia)
JAFAJapan Australian Football Association
JAFAJane Austen Festival Australia (annual)
JAFAJustice and Freedom Alliance (South Africa)
JAFAJohannesburg African Football Association (South Africa)
JAFAJapan Air Freight Association
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Likewise, certain technical terms such as jafa', safa', jalal, andjamal--rendered respectively as "mystical state of estrangement", "state of purity", "glory", and "beauty"--could be more eloquently translated.
Jafa relates the true story of his experience during the 1971 Indo-Pak/Bangladesh Liberation War.
One of the more interesting installation pieces on show in "Bridge to Palestine" is Nasser Soumi's "Icon to Jafa." Deployed in its own white cube-style space, the installation features 30 wooden boxes, each containing a handwritten letter, penned by someone who was born in Jaffa, as well as a small glass bottle filled with local seawater, and strips of dried orange peel cut into wave shapes and affixed to an indigo backdrop.
The delegation was received by HE Hisham Abdullah Al Shirawi, Chairman, Economic Zones World and Vice-Chairman of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry along with Ibrahim Mohamed Al Janahi, Deput CEO and Chief Commercial Officer of Jafa, Adil Al Zarooni, Senior Vice President, Jafza Sales and Atiq Juma Nasib, Senior Director, Commercial Services Sector, Dubai Chamber.
Majid Jafa, "Is an Arab 'Marshall Plan' the Answer?" [46-47]
Currently awaiting approval for global Apple, Android and Blackberry stores, the app will give non-existing customers access to information on services, investor guides to the UAE, enquiry forms to start a company within the free zone, and general information about JAFA and Dubai.
According to Arthur Jafa, the aesthetics of Hip Hop is characterized by "flow, layering and ruptures in line" (Rose 1994, p.
To gain a picture of how Palestinians "made" their own spaces in everyday life and used the land, Bussow examines local communities, life worlds and political arrangements in four regions, Jerusalem, Jafa, Gaza, and Hebron.
(18.) Delaney PK, Branson MB, Uniyal A, Kerndt RP, Keenan AP, Jafa K, Gardner DA, Jamieson JD, Bulterys M.
Moreover, tomorrow belongs to those who can think ahead of their time," says cultural expert Navina Jafa. Lending ear to your creative side and following your heart gives you an edge in the long run.
Navina Jafa is the Director of Indian Cultural Heritage Research, a consortium of South Asian cultural researchers putting together information on cultural heritage in the region.