JAFCJava Application Foundation Class
JAFCJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
JAFCJewish Anti-Fascist Committee
JAFCJust A Freaking Contractor (polite form)
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Thirteen teams divided into Pool A and Pool B entered the competition organized by the JAFC Organizing Committee chaired by Ibrahim Camelo Mendez.
members of the JAFC; its executive committee included Hofshteyn,
The JAFC, of course, always functioned under tight state control.
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Having just defended the phrase "Brother Jews" which, during the war, had been approved by the State and had been used as one of the JAFC's chief rallying cries to world Jewry, Bergelson countered the presiding judge's accusatory interrogation with the remark, "There cannot be anything criminal in the phrase `I am a Jew' [a reference to the title of one of Fefer's poems that had been cited as supposedly conclusive evidence of" nationalist guilt"].
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