JAFEJoint Advanced Fighter Engine
JAFEJob Aids for Everyone (book)
JAFEJust Another Freakin' Engineer
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It is also different from the JAFE [11] and U-JAFE [12] methods, which estimate DOA in element-pulse domain, while our method is performed in a low-dimensional beam-Doppler domain.
The ML method [9] or JAFE method [11] could be used to deal with this problem.
The empirical literature has proved that knowledge spillovers tend to be localized (e.g., Jafe et al., 1993; Feldman, 1994).
Geographers and other social scientists have argued that these relationships are centrally important to understanding the distribution and transmission of knowledge (Eldridge & Jones, 1991; Feldman, 1994; Jafe, Trajtenberg, & Henderson, 1993), and that transmission costs and boundaries impede the flow of information (Audretsch & Feldman, 1996; Krugman, 1991).
The Air Force placed an emphasis on reliability and maintainability from the beginning of the ATF program as well as throughout the Joint Advanced Fighter Engine program (JAFE)--the program to develop the engine for the ATF.
Pratt & Whitney saw success in the JAFE program as critical to the company's ability to continue to compete in the military engine market.
Jafe and Westerfield (1985), Schollhammer and Sand (1985), and Arshanapalli and Doukas (1993) find substantial increases in the degree of international co-movements among stock price indices of the U.S., U.K., France and Germany excepting Japan.
The accidental discovery of the region's rich goldfield in 1898 by the Three Lucky Swedes - Jafe Lindeberg, Erick Lindblom and John Brynteson sparked a flood of gold-hungry explorers.
Camera (color), Mark Blandori; editor, Mitch Stanley; music, Veigar Margeirsson; additional music, Krishna Das; production designer, Tamar Gadish; art director Matthew Budgeon; costume designer, Tara Grodt; sound (Dolby), Anthony Viera; casting, Sheila Jafe, Nikki Ghisel.