JAFIJewish Agency for Israel
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Abbreviations JIA: Juvenile idiopathic arthritis PE: Physical examination AHPs: Allied Health Professionals JAFI: Juvenile arthritis foot disability index JADAS: Juvenile Arthritis Disease Activity Score pGALS: Paediatric gait, arms, legs, and spine.
2004 To develop a new 36 JIA participants; juvenile arthritis 29 controls foot disability index (JAFI) and to test it for validity and reliability Anink et al.
Fazel ibn shazan by Hassan ibn mahbub from amro ibn abi al maghdam by jabber ali jafi said I heard imam bagher (p) said: "swear to god one of our family govern after his death about 360 year and earn 9 years I said: when?
As JAFI spokesperson Avi Mayer explained in a conversation this week, "We hear these claims that anti-Semitism is 'good for aliya,' so Jews will go to Israel, which is good for the Jewish Agency.
Speaking at the central synagogue in Sofia, Moshe Sharet, a JAFI emissary in Bulgaria, said the USD 1,500 grant was given to his family to "ease their financial struggles and show the solidarity of the Jewish people with their loss," The Jerusalem Post has informed.
Jewish immigration to Israel is expected to be at its highest this year since 2000, according to the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), which focuses on Jewish immigration and affairs, the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Monday.
Aside from JAFI, EZRA, and Limmud, a number of secular Jewish organizations with little investment in RSJ life, such as the numerous 'Friends of ..." are trying to establish direct links with American RSJs.
In response to the economic crisis, JAFI, together with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, will be running employment seminars throughout North America, Great Britain, and France.
The first one was conducted at five youth camps organized by the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) with support of American Jewish federations in the summer of 2011 in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova; the other one was carried out at four Jewish youth camps in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine in July 2012.
On another front, over 50 Jews from Georgia - mostly from the cities of Gori and Tbilisi - have filed requests with the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) to immigrate to Israel.
JAFI officials say they are working wi= th the Ministry of Interior and plan to introduce the program within the ne= xt six months.
JDC and JAFI have worked with the Macedonian Jewish community, making arrangements to house the Kosovar Jews.