JAFIJewish Agency for Israel
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Fazel ibn shazan by Hassan ibn mahbub from amro ibn abi al maghdam by jabber ali jafi said I heard imam bagher (p) said: "swear to god one of our family govern after his death about 360 year and earn 9 years I said: when?
but this quotation was mentioned weakly in and and we couldn't accept it and valid document is in (alghaybat tousi) which the tellers are Hassan ibn mahbub amro ibn abi al moghdam and jabber jafi and all of them are famous in telling quotations.
The Israeli daily Haaretz quoted JAFI as saying the number of Jewish immigrants to Israel will increase 15 percent in 2009 as compared to 2008 and for the first time since 2000, as Jewish immigration to Israel has witnessed a decline in past years.
Aside from JAFI, EZRA, and Limmud, a number of secular Jewish organizations with little investment in RSJ life, such as the numerous 'Friends of .
Fishkoff quotes a JAFI emissary in San Francisco: "There is something in the Russian mentality that wants to go deeper.
In response to the economic crisis, JAFI, together with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, will be running employment seminars throughout North America, Great Britain, and France.
We see partial immigration and immigration in stages as very positive thin= gs," said Moshe Vigdor, director general of JAFI.
The changes will also include what JAFI offi= cials describe as a greater focus on customer service and immigrant absorpt= ion.
JDC and JAFI have worked with the Macedonian Jewish community, making arrangements to house the Kosovar Jews.