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In an impassioned speech at the opening of the Pearl Initiative and UN Global Compact's second Regional Forum, at the Conrad Hotel, Dubai, on Tuesday, Jafr pulled few punches.
Summary: AMMAN: A Jordanian newspaper's April Fool's Day story chronicling a late-night visit by 10-foot-tall aliens in flying saucers sparked public panic and almost led to the town's emergency evacuation, officials said Monday.Al-Ghad newspaper published a front-page articleAa about the fake UFO landing near the desert town of Jafr, 300 kilometers from capital Amman
It is working on 'pour on site' orders from Al Yamamah Co-Al Khobar (575 sq m), Nabatat Agriculture Co (1,142 sq m), Al Manar Al-Arabiah Est (1,360 sq m) and Al Jafr Trading (700 sq m).
C[pounds sterling]Al Jafr al JameyC[yen] also known as C[pounds sterling]ilm-al-JafrC[yen], is the Science of insight which opens windows of the unseen world.
Families receive keys On Saturday, 84 underprivileged families in Jafr, Mudawara, Salehiyah and other areas in MaCOan and Aqaba received housing units that were built as part of a royal initiative to provide housing for impoverished families.
In its most unanswerable form, it is pregnant with "the end of the world." After all, even the "first" Arab philosopher, al-Kindi, calculated the duration of the Islamic period via jafr computation applied to the disconnected letters of the Qur'an.
From Bayr we followed Lawrence's route via El Jafr to Maan and, eventually, to Aqaba.
In a related context, the minster said the government has announced several areas in the Kingdom, namely (Jafr, Alsarhan, the northern highlands and the Dead Sea) for gas and oil exploration to companies wishing to invest in the sector.
"Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of these service members." Earlier in Amman, a Jordanian military official said that two US military trainers were shot dead after their vehicle tried to enter the Prince Faisal Airbase in Al Jafr area in southern Jordan.
on Friday 24th January 2014, the French agency photographer Jafr Ishteya, when he was covering the Kafir Kadoum village north of West Bank weekly demonstration against the wall and the stelment.
The song, Bokra, is the Arabic answer to Jones' 1985 global charity hit We Are The World, and is the result of a longstanding friendship between Jones and UAE businessman Badr Jafr.
The two arrested as ring-leaders were Capt Jafr Lazim and Lt Amin Karim, both part of Abdul-Mahdi's security.