JAGBJoint Angling Governing Bodies
JAGBJockeys Association of Great Britain (Newbury, Berkshire, England, UK)
JAGBJapanese Association of Greater Boston (Arlington, MA)
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As far as we are aware, the JAGB members don't have a specific concern as regards the safety of the new arrangements," said public relations manager Paul Struthers.
Since then, JAGB company secretary Ann Saunders has assumed the chief executive's responsibilities and she will continue to fill the breach until Apiafi takes charge.
Another benefit is the JAGB office in Newbury is close to his home.
Michael Caulfield, Jockeys Association chief executive, said: "I am delighted Tony has agreed to be joint-president of the JAGB.
Why, though, you may ask, with a company to run, horses to watch, a single-figure golf handicap to resurrect and three teenage kids, does he need the extra aggro of the ROA and the HG, and by extension the NTF, TBA, JAGB, REL and SLA?
Ann Saunders, company secretary for the JAGB, said: "The volume of racing has increased significantly during the last five years and we welcome the HRA's decision to raise the 'totting-up' threshold now, rather than waiting until the end of the season.
The decision to delay amending the jockeys' sponsorship code of conduct was made owing to Horseracing Regulatory Authority concerns that, in Blake's absence, there is now nobody senior enough at the JAGB with whom they would be prepared to work on such a sensitive issue.
The JAGB yesterday issued a statement that, while insisting it was "business as usual", failed to throw any light on why Blake, 40, had left his post of almost four years without any warning.
JAGB council member Carl Llewellyn said: "I knew what was going on, but it's a tricky one so I would rather say nothing.
JAGB vice-president Dale Gibson told At The Races last night: "John Blake has gone and we will be getting his successor organised in the coming weeks.
Senior riders were guarded when quizzed about Blake's departure last night, although JAGB vice-president Dale Gibson told At The Races: "John Blake has gone and we will be getting his successor organised in the coming weeks.
Blake had not been made aware of the HRA board's 'in principle' decision on jockeys' sponsorship, but added: "The JAGB is not proposing that individuals within a group of jockeys would have a direct relationship with a bookmaker.