JAGCJudge Advocate General's Corps
JAGCJust Another Golf Coding (computer coding)
JAGCJaguar Association of Greater Chicago (Chicago, IL)
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CDR Buzz Waltman, JAGC, USN, Director, DIILS, and LT Jamison completed two seminars in Ukraine in May 2000.
In addition to the general military justice resources provided through OTJAG Criminal Law, the JAGC also provides resources specifically geared towards assisting both trial and defense counsel with trial preparation through organizations located at the second one-star entity: United States Legal Services Agency (USALSA).
Part of TDD's vision is to "Leverage Technology, Transition JAGC Training and Education into the Information Age [through] Learning Management System Architecture and Centralized Courseware Systemes].
The DocLib was developed in response to a 2011 Knowledge Management Division (KMD) survey in which over "900 military and civilian members of the JAGC from the active and reserve components provided hundreds of helpful comments" (78) which identified that a document library was needed.
As the JAGC as a whole maximizes the use of existing online tools and search platforms, we will be that much closer to providing uniform advice to commanders built from the common knowledge provided among these sites.
Prior to enrollment in Phase 1, students must have obtained at least the rank of CPT and must have completed two years of service since completion of JAOBC, unless, at the time of their accession into the JAGC, they were transferred into the JAGC from prior commissioned service.