JAGDJudge Advocate General's Department
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Os estudos teoricos, ao representarem a maioria, confirmam a constatacao de Jagd (2011) e Oldenhof, Postma e Putters (2014) quando alertam que pouca atencao tem sido dada em pesquisas, principalmente em estudos empiricos, para as situacoes em que gestores publicos tem de tomar decisoes relacionadas a valores conflitantes, como e o caso dos dilemas morais.
Although only six bombers were lost to RAF fighters (four more to AA fire), two days later Goring made his final, fateful decision: double the awkward and unworkable close escorts of the bombers, thus reducing the fighters available for the free-ranging and effective freie Jagd fighter sweeps.
2016 Die Jagd mit Blasrohr und Giftpfeil in Borneo - In den Zeiten, als der Regenwald noch lebte.
Dort teilten seine Gemahlin Philesia und seine beiden Zwillinge Gryllos und Diodoros sein Leben, wahrend er sich mit der Jagd, der Landwirtschaft, der Bewirtung von Freunden und der Abfassung seiner Historien beschaftigte.
Handbuch der Naturgeschichte, Jagd und Hege alter in Mitteleuropa jagdbaren Thiere (Berlin: Wiegandt, Hempel and Parey, 1880), p.
American flyers' memoirs frequently reference "hunting" Boche, and the war's European terminology for fighter planes was the language of the hunt: chasse for the French, Jagd for the Germans, and pursuit for the British (Hynes, Air 101).
(9) Tanzania National Archives (TNA) G8/508, Forst und Jagd Allgemein [General Forestry and Hunting].
The contrasted sections in Wilde Jagd were just as sensitively executed while the will-o-thewisps in Feux follets were nimble, gossamer-light and utterly captivating.
For sheer size, all of these works were overwhelmed by Die Jagd auf die Taliban und Al Qaida (The Hunt for the Taliban and Al Qaeda), 2002, Polke's nearly twenty-two-foot-tall digital print on tarpaulin diagramming US drone warfare in Afghanistan, and the neighboring Season's Hottest Trend, 2003, an elegant if ragged sixteen-foot-long abstraction in pink fake fur, transparent polyester, and deep-Prussian-blue fabric.
If I arbitrarily threw words like bringselverweiser, totcverbcfier and jagd into a conversation, many of you would think I had flipped my bobber, or maybe was trying to pull one over on you vowel-wise.
It is a great pity that nobody presents this round for instance at the Shot Show and the IWA show in Germany or at the "Jagd un Hund" show in Dortmund.