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The FAIO along with the JAGIC chief along with multiple JAGIC Air Force personnel, the ACE targeting section, the PED section, and other intelligence sections moved to the DIVARTY Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and assumed the dynamic targeting process.
The FAIO makes target execution recommendations to the JAGIC chief based from the target type, and the activity associated with the target based from the approved and published attack guidance matrix (Figure 2) when passing the dynamic targets (Figure 3) to the JAGIC.
If the desired effects were not achieved the FAIO in conjunction with the JAGIC can make recommendations to the commander for a reattack of the target.
The FAIO's fusion of multiple means of collection to develop targets through shared understanding of the HPTL and focus of Fires, along with the seamless handoff of targets to the JAGIC ensured success of Fires in the division fight.
While the overarching function of the JAGIC is to fully integrate joint airspace control and joint fires at the division level, it executes integrated tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) to support numerous joint processes including direction and monitoring of fires and effects, command and control of some volume of airspace overlying the division area of operations, rapid attack of emerging targets, interdiction coordination, improved friendly force identification, increased situational awareness for air defense, and synchronization and integration of tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, electronic warfare, information operations, and airlift assets.
The design and manning of the JAGIC is such that a subset of the JAGIC, called a Joint Air Support Element (JASE), can be task-organized and sent forward to extend control and integration of air operations in High Density Aircraft Control Zones, support displacement operations, or extend support to a subordinate maneuver unit for named operations of limited duration.
As the Services have moved forward with JAGIC development and implementation, some have questioned its origins and purpose.
The JAGIC concept actually evolved out of three experiences that occurred during recent major combat operations.
In September 2008, the Army-Air Force Board, General Officer Steering Committee, approved development and staffing of the JAGIC Tactical Operating Concept for the Air Force and Army chief of staff signatures.
In the interim, a JAGIC concept of employment containing detailed TTP has been developed by the Air Force Command and Control Integration Center, working together with Air Combat Command's Joint Integration Division and the TRADOC Fires Center of Excellence Joint and Combined Integration Directorate.
As the ASOCs relocate to their aligned divisions, Air Combat Command's Joint Integration Division and TRADOC Fires Center of Excellence Joint and Combined Integration Directorate are contributing a joint training team to provide education, training, and exercise support for JAGIC implementation.