JAGICJamaica Association of General Insurance Companies
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During the first few days of this exercise, the G-2 and JAGIC leaders regularly walked into the mission training complex and talked in person with the subordinate support cells, the pucksters (a.k.a.
This information is consistent with the results of significant differences between male and female students with respect to self-assessed levels of computer knowledge and skills: compared to the female students, male students estimate their computer knowledge and skills significantly higher (Jagic and Vrkic Dimic, 2010).
Unlike most military capability improvements based on new systems and technology, the JAGIC is based on organizational and procedural changes that emphasize proximity and teamwork by collocating Theater Air Control System (TACS) personnel with their ground element counterparts.
The JAGIC is neither a staff nor a planning cell, but is composed of those personnel directing and monitoring the current fight through the arrangement of operators performing related functions in close physical proximity.
While procedural control methods will remain a mainstay of airspace and fires integration for the foreseeable future, the integration of personnel from both Services who are directing and monitoring ongoing operations permits dynamic coordination, activation, and deactivation of airspace and fire support coordination measures rather than "buying airspace today for tomorrow's war." When the JAGIC is empowered with the means and authority to pass control instructions directly to the airspace users, mutually supporting operations can rapidly be integrated, conflicts can be resolved on the fly, and real-time coordination of competing requests can either be resolved through the use of flexible, informal control measures or by direct coordination requiring no control measures at all.
While the overarching function of the JAGIC is to fully integrate joint airspace control and joint fires at the division level, it executes integrated tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) to support numerous joint processes including direction and monitoring of fires and effects, command and control of some volume of airspace overlying the division area of operations, rapid attack of emerging targets, interdiction coordination, improved friendly force identification, increased situational awareness for air defense, and synchronization and integration of tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, electronic warfare, information operations, and airlift assets.
The design and manning of the JAGIC is such that a subset of the JAGIC, called a Joint Air Support Element (JASE), can be task-organized and sent forward to extend control and integration of air operations in High Density Aircraft Control Zones, support displacement operations, or extend support to a subordinate maneuver unit for named operations of limited duration.
The JAGIC received and executed over 400 calls for fire/fire mission requests from the FAIO and the targeting cell in the ACE during Warfighter 16-04.
The FAIO relayed the targetable information to the JAGIC and the air interdiction coordinator (AI COORD) using the process that will be discussed in the next paragraph.
The FAIO established a link with the AI COORD within the JAGIC after the initial 48-72 hours of the exercise.
The FAIO's location granted easy access to the JAGIC and the current operations cell.
The FAIO along with the JAGIC chief along with multiple JAGIC Air Force personnel, the ACE targeting section, the PED section, and other intelligence sections moved to the DIVARTY Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and assumed the dynamic targeting process.