JAGMJoint Air to Ground Missile (missile program that replaced Joint Common Missile)
JAGMJaguar Affiliates Group of Michigan (est. 1967; car club)
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Lockheed Martin's JAGM will be manufactured on existing production lines.
A request for proposals for JAGM was released shortly afterwards.
It required only minor burn-rate tailoring for use with JAGM.
The Raytheon-Boeing JAGM features a tri-mode seeker with laser; an uncooled imaging infrared sensor; and millimeter wave guidance.
JAGM is the next generation air-to-ground missile for use on joint rotary-wing and unmanned aircraft systems for the Army, Navy and Marine Corps.
which oversees the JAGM program, has not yet agreed to consider new competitors, but may do so in a couple of years.
This article describes the thought process and analyses that resulted in the JAGM Am KPP contained in the JAGM Capability Development Document (CDD) and system specification.
Riegman PHJ, Klassen P, Van der Korput JAGM, Romijin JC, Trapman J.
FARNBOROUGH, England -- Marotta Controls has announced that it has been selected by Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) to join its Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM) industry team to provide the pneumatic cooling system (PCS) for the imaging infrared (I2R) sensor within the JAGM tri-mode seeker.
Helsel will discuss the nature of Lockheed Martin's low-risk JAGM offering, the company's successful performance on the Army's Continued Technology Demonstration contract and the path forward for EMD and beyond.
This second flight test success demonstrates that Lockheed Martin s JAGM solution is a proven, low-risk capability, said Frank St.