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Though the princely state of Hyderabad was ruled by ten rulers during the Asif Jahi dynasty from 1724 to 1948 (Only seven of them were given the title of Asaf Jah by the Mughal Emperor), it was the sixth Nizam who was the most popular of them all and who ruled the hearts of his subjects cutting across the faith, caste and creed and whose 27-year era was called the "Most "Romantic Era of Hyderabad's history".
"That is the reason we are urging the state government to include the positive aspects of the history of Kakatiya, Qutub Shahi (the founders of Hyderabad) and the Asaf Jahi rulers in the school textbooks so the new generation can take pride in their glorious past," said Safiullah, who heads the Deccan Heritage Trust.
Safiullah who is researching the life and times of Mahboub Ali Pasha, is very possessive of his huge collection of photos and rare artefacts of the Asaf Jahi era.